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Reduce Stress, Relax and Improve Your Health

Reduce Stress, Relax and Improve Your Health

Reduce Stress, Relax and Improve Your HealthReduce Stress, Relax and Improve Your Health

Reiki Sessions

30 Min/1 Hour Sessions

  In times where everything we see in the news or on TV seems to be negative in one form or another.  A time where stress from work is high and free time  to relax seems to be at a minimum,  it's time change that and recharge.  Schedule a Reiki session it can change the way you feel.  Reiki can reduce that stress and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  

  Reiki can help with such ailments as migraines, chronic fatigue, arthritis, sore muscles,  nausea, insomnia and much more.

Reiki is used in some hospitals to help alleviate some of the  after effects of a chimo treatment.  Reiki has also been used  before surgery to helps lower the stress level of the patient aiding in a smoother surgery, and post surgery to quicken the healing time.

Reiki does so much more, so what are you waiting for?  Schedule an appointment today.

If you have never experienced Reiki here is what you can expect.  The practitioner will welcome you into the office, have you fill out a confidential client form and then discuss the reason you made the appointment.  Next you will be lead into a very peaceful and comfortable Reiki room and asked to lie fully clothed on the Reiki table.  Then will explain what to expect during the session.  When the session is done they will let the client know what was noticed during the session.  This is all a wonderful peaceful process.   


$90 for 90 Min

$60 for 1 Hour

$35 for 30 min

Distant Reiki

Can't make it to the office?  Schedule a distant Reiki session.  When you schedule a distant Reiki session you will receive the same healing benefits as being in the office.  You would set up a time with the practitioner, find a quiet comfortable place to sit or lie in the convenience of your own home.  The practitioner would then send distant Reiki to you.  When the session is complete the practitioner will contact you and discuss the session.

1/2 Hour Distant Reiki Session $35

1 Hour Distant Reiki Session  $60

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