Hypnosis and Meditation

Hypnosis - Stop Smoking


A natural way to stop smoking.  With a few sessions you can become a non-smoker.  In a session we will help you make changes in the way you think  about smoking, making the process of becoming a non-smoker easier to achieve.  A block of 3 stop smoking sessions is $225.

Hypnosis to Reduce Stress


Hypnosis is a natural way to help you relax.  In a peaceful quiet setting we will help you quiet your mind, help you find your stresses and with positive reinforcement help you reduce stress.  Number of sessions needed varies.  Single session is $90 follow up sessions $75.    

Group Meditation


Join our guided meditation group, each session will cover different issues.  One week may be for relaxation the next may cover better relationships or  maybe confidence.  Contact us to see what session is next!  

Chakra Meditation


This is a seven week series we will explore each Chakra through guided meditation.  During this session we will explore one chakra.  We will use scent, chanting music and crystals to bring balance within you.  


Next session will be announced.  It will be   every other Sunday until series is complete.  The cost of each session is $15 and will be held at Bedford Body Care and Wellness Center 10 Chestnut Drive Bedford NH.   Contact us to reserve a spot



If you have any questions about sessions on this page please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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